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What outer darkness?

In Matthew 8:12, 22:13, and 25:30, Jesus refers in parables to the wicked being cast into 'the outer darkness', το σκοτος το εξωτερον. This phrase does not occur elsewhere in the NT, nor in the LXX, although there are references in the OT which are similar (e.g., Job 10:22). Does anyone know any other location using the same phrase or a similar one, describing a darkness which surrounds the world, preferably in any Christian or Jewish text written prior to AD 200? I have found some in 1 Enoch and in the OT, and am wondering whether there are more.

Please note that I am not looking for interpretations of the occurrences in Matthew, and certainly not for the Mormon idea under the same English name, but for instances in which that same phrase or description occurs: the enquiry is for textual references to possible sources for the cosmology.

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