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All Greek to me

Dear Greek friends

I'm asking for help on a Greek question this time! I am translating Boethius Latin translation of Aristotle's On Exposition into English. I.e. not translating Aristotle's Greek, but Boethius' Latin version of Aristotle's Greek. Don't ask why.

It mostly makes sense, but one passage has been very hard. The Latin commentators give different versions of what it could mean (i.e. they didn't understand the Latin either), and, worse, there are at least three versions of the Latin used by different commentators.

This means going to the Greek, and trying to understand why the Latin is so odd. Unfortunately I know no Greek, which is why I'm asking for help. So I enclose a link to an image of the Loeb Greek English corresponding to this passage (at least I hope the Greek corresponds). Followed by a table with

i the Latin, including an alternative version
ii my attempt at translation
iii the Loeb English,
iv Edghill's English translation.

Followed, for those who are really interested, in a 9th century manuscript image which is one of the earliest versions of this text. Grateful for any help.

The link is here

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